Dinner and a Movie: Foxcatcher & B-Spot Crocker Park

foxcatcher-channing-tatum-steve-carell-1Tonight I enter into a realm I really have never been comfortable with; the movie review.  Tonight was something I want to do a little more of the whole dinner and a movie thing.  I knew the story behind Foxcatcher growing up.  I was in high school when that whole thing went down.  There is a ton of buzz around this movie, and I am astounded by all of it.  This movie sucked.  Mark Ruffalo was the only saving grace in this 2 hour shitfest with his portrayal of gold medal Wrestler David Schultz.  Steve Carell, played the lead of John Du Pont, millionaire turned wrestling coach turned murderer.  His role which is being applauded as one of the best of the year was combination of Norman Bates from Psycho meets a mentally challenged person.  His performance of Du Pont was like a serious version of Brick Tamland from Anchorman.  His acting was annoyingly slow, deliberate, and predictable.  He is not able to play a serious role in a film this dark.

Channing Tatum played yet another grunting mentally challenged neanderthal.  The close shots of his cauliflower ears were ridiculous.  Yes Director Bennett we get the fact Tatum is playing a disfigured soul.  There is no need to make his ears one of the supporting actors in the film.  His dialogue was a step above grunting with nothing remotely memorable.  Overall this is nowhere near the story it could have been.  Completely absent from the film was the whole Du Pont is gay and their was some sort of homosexual relationship gone bad thing.  Why it wasn’t even remotely even eluded to was a complete miss.  It was obvious back then as we saw the story unfold on the news Du Pont was involved in some sort of sexual relationship with Mark Schultz that went south.

The film covered none of the trial of Du Pont, and the only thing we learn about it was he died in prison in 2010.  The movie was too dark, and too quiet.  No spoiler here if you know the actual story.  Du Pont kills David Shultz, pulls up the driveway and shoots him point blank multiple times and kills him.  The film is a serious of grunts, groans, horrible dialogue, and wrestling practice.  Even the matches weren’t covered very well.  The final wrestling scene is so horribly blurred and out of focus it makes you dizzy.  Bottom line here wrestling is a very boring sport and this is a very boring movie.  Steve Carell puts on a fake nose and acts like he is missing a chromosome or two.  Tatum comes off as another mental midget grunting and grappling his way through an awesome story that comes out completely flat.

B7CN76FIIAApEImAfter the film we went to B-Spot for a couple burgers.  The place was pretty quiet, lots of open tables and booths but we were sat at a tiny two top near the opening and closing door and squeezed in by the bar.  I was looking forward to one of their famous shakes but I had the shakes from our chilly table overlooking a support beam and the emergency shut off electric panel.  Why we were sat here I have no idea.  Once we had our food we were offered to change tables but we were already in on our meals at this point.  This was just a huge miss on the hostess seating us here.  I had 3 open spacious four tops next to us and like 3 booths open.  No idea why we got the kids thanksgiving table.

The food at B-Spot comes out all at once that is one of their “rules” and always has been.  Our burgers came out and they were not our order, but the Onion Rings were and they stayed.  So I got my O-rings about 10 minutes before the burgers.  Then our burgers finally came.  My wife got the Lola, and it was fine, she likes it rare.  I got the Smashers Special, a Gyro burger and I ordered it medium.  It was burnt.  I sent it back and a new one was brought out in a few minutes.  It was burnt as well, the inside was fine but the outside was charred like the first one.  I said nothing that round because my wife was already done eating hers by the time I got my second one.

We were comped the rings and fries on the order, and apologized to for the burger.  Our server was great, that was the only saving grace of the meal was our server.  Being seated in the second class citizen overflow table was strike one, strike two was an order of rings that came well before the burger, strike three was two marginal attempts at my burger.  It seriously was like training day at B-Spot tonight.  What was once a treat turned into a completely lackluster experience.  I don’t give up on the place but at the same time I have super high standards for what was once my favorite burger joint.  It is a Michael Symon joint, I expect high quality like at all of his places.  He doesn’t cut corners, he offers up great food but sweet Jesus they were completely off tonight.  Overall crappy movie and a lackluster dinning experience.  My Dinner and a movie concept failed tonight.

One thought on “Dinner and a Movie: Foxcatcher & B-Spot Crocker Park

  1. So sorry about your disappointing experience at B Spot Crocker Park. Please contact me directly, I’d love to make things right for you and your wife. We want to remain your favorite burger joint in Cleveland and keep you coming back! Thank you for your time and your feedback.
    Brian Deibel
    Director of Business Performance
    Michael Symon Restaurants

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