Green Day should NEVER be in the Rock Hall

SAAH_BLK-FLG_130-e1303777889172Green Day should never be in the Rock Hall.  Green Day isn’t a bad band, don’t get me wrong.  They have achieved an incredible amount of commercial success and paved the way for other pop punk bands after them.  Some decent, others an absolute travesty.  However Green Day should never be in the Rock Hall until you induct bands like Black Flag, Fear, The Germs, Minor Threat, Husker Du, Dead Kennedy’s, 7 Seconds or Circle Jerks.

If you are going to induct any “punk” acts like Green Day how can you overlook how Green Day came to be?  What Green Day did wasn’t influential.  What Green Day did was dumb down and pop up the skeleton of hardcore and punk music from the 80’s.  They were not revolutionary.  They took a formula and made it accessible stripping bare the true message of the music from the 80’s and put it in the hands of teenage girls and suburban teenage boys.  There is no message in their music.  Green Day are a science project using an equation of just enough punk sensibilities to make them edgy but remaining truly a pop rock band to sell a ton of records.

While I tend to agree with a lot of the Rock Hall picks, Green Day nominated before those that influenced their sound is an absolute travesty.  I don’t think they will get the nod this year.  It would surprise me if they did, but Jesus man, if you are going to induct a “punk” band induct one that truly impacted the sound of Green Day and the 1,000’s of clones out there.

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