Pete Yorn You & Me at the Beachland Cleveland

DSC00191Pete Yorn made it back to Cleveland last night to an absolutely packed house at the Beachland Ballroom.  Dubbed “Pete Yorn You and Me Acoustic” Yorn brought his best hits solo to an enamored crowd.  The first time I saw Yorn was at the Agora Theater in 2002 in support of one of the best records of that decade, a record that still stands the test of time, Music For the Morning After.  Yorn was the indie rock darling of the early 2000’s.  The only problem for Yorn was to be able to produce the magic he created on Music For the Morning After again.  While he continued to achieve success as a solo artist he was panned a lot because everything he put out was not Music For the Morning After II.

Pete Yorn was an artist that the critics wanted stuck in one album.  When he tried to mature on future records the critics continued to say that it was no Music For the Morning After.  It is a surprise he just didn’t fade away into obscurity with all the pressure he had on his shoulders.  Album after album Yorn continued to experiment with different sounds often times running polar opposite of Music For the Morning After.  Each record had a new sound, and there was some success with songs like “Come Back Home” and “Crystal Village” from Day I Forgot or “For Us” and “Alive” from Nightcrawler.  His experimental Break Up album with Scarlett Johansson was also nothing short of amazing.

DSC00177Yorn brought it all to his show at the Beachland playing for about 2 hours.  The only thing I didn’t like about the show was he didn’t rock out the Stone Roses cover of “She Bangs the Drums” or The Smiths “Panic” but maybe I am a little stuck in 2002 myself.  I went nuts at that Agora show when he pulled out those classics.  Instead, after an inspired trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he pulled out some Bruce Springsteen covers.  Which is fine and dandy, he is a Jersey guy after all, and has to show love to his hometown roots.  Yorn took to the stage a couple minutes after 9pm, no opener, just you and me (and a couple hundred other folks).  The thing is though when your song came on, it was just you and him.  He has a way of singing to you.  He even came back to the merch table at the end of the night to sign some stuff and meet and greet the fans.  I truly think he enjoyed playing this show in Cleveland.  He was relaxed and comfortable on stage, humbled by the crowd yet still showing that Pete Yorn swagger.

Set List:

  • Atlantic City  (Springsteen cover)
  • Life On a Chain
  • Splendid Isolation
  • The Man
  • Undercover
  • Burrito
  • Vampyre
  • I feel good again
  • For Us
  • Social Development Dance
  • Paradise Cove
  • June
  • NYC Serenade (Springsteen cover)
  • Just Another Girl
  • Strange Condition
  • Badman
  • Closet
  • Crystal Village
  • On Your Side
  • Relator
  • Kiss Off (violent femmes)
  • encore…..
  • All At Once
  • I’m not the one
  • Murray
  • For Nancy (‘Cos It Already Is)

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