Randy’s Pickles are the real dill

DSC00172I’m going to get more into my friends over at Randy’s Pickles at a later date, but when I find something this good and from Cleveland I have got to tell you about it.  I was manning a booth at the North Union Farmers Market Garlic Festival at Shaker Square a few weeks back and was lucky enough to be pretty much directly across from these guys.

As a reformed pickle man myself I know a great dill when I taste it and Randy’s delivers the goods.  They just got the nod from Cleveland Magazine as best pickle in Cleveland.  These things are spectacular.  $8.00 a jar, multiple flavors and every single one of them solid.  The Bread N’ Butter chips are mild with a nice sweet and sour flavor combo.  The Deli style will compliment any sandwich imaginable.  The Black Pepper add just a little kick if you like it mild.  The Mustache On Fire bring a significant amount of heat.  You get the sour kick at first with a little throat punch a couple seconds later.  Randy’s did a Vampire Killer for the Garlic Fest and they are pretty amazing as well.

Cheers to El Presidente Andrew Rainey and the crew at Randy’s Pickles.  You can find Randy’s at most of the local farm markets for now, but make no doubt about it these guys are going to be all over Cleveland soon.  Congrats on a well deserved Best Of.  #AlwaysBePickling Check them out at http://www.randyspickles.com


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