Thistledown Racino

bukowski-2I was excited to head to the Rocksino today to meet up with my mother and father in law.  I am a huge fan of the Rocksino.  Awesome dining options, amazing rock and roll memorabilia displays, coupled with the hottest and newest slots around the city!  I love the rock and roll upbeat vibe of the Rocksino.   Only thing is I didn’t hear my wife right.  She said we were heading to the Thistledown Racino.  So after a quick turn around on 480 we arrived in one of the most depressed rundown areas in the Cleveland.  Closed malls, abandoned buildings, check cashing stations and wig shops as far as the eye can see.

We pulled right up and found a parking spot a few short yards from the entrance.  The place was dead.  We had the run of the joint.  The only problem was their slots are weak, extremely tight, dated, and there is a huge lack the variety compared to other casinos in the area.  The Racino is the TJ Maxx of Cleveland casinos.  It truly is the kind of place Charles Bukowski would go to die somewhere in a dimly lit corner of their putrid dated 80’s carpeting.

I ended up, I think, losing $20.  They just have zero hook to keep me interested in their casino.  I think I found maybe one or two machines that kept my attention span for more than a half hour.  I went in with $100 and got so depressed and bored I just had no interest in staying.  Gambling and casinos to me need to have something better than jut machines to keep me interested.  It’s a package of entertainment and gambling.  This is a gambling hall.  The machines are the entertainment and the variety sucks and the payouts are very tight.  Why stay when 10 minutes away is the polar opposite of the Racino?

We ended up grabbing a bite at Corky and Lenny’s and sorry to say Corky or Lenny for that matter you are absolutely damaging your brand with this half ass sandwich shop here.  When I think of Corky and Lenny’s I think of overstuffed corned beef sandwiches bursting at the seams with fresh steaming thick cut magical corned beef on fresh rye bread.  This was a step above Arby’s.  Soggy fries on the side, small cups of industrial slaw or potato salad and a cookie fresh from the box.  So disappointing and all served by a staff that could give a shit less what they are slinging across the counter.

Sorry to say but the Thistledown Racino is an absolute joke for a casino.  Put it out of its misery.

I forgot to add on our way out of the casino the guards tried to make my wife throw away her cup of coffee she bought and paid for at Corky and Lenny’s.  She didn’t throw it out for the record, but what in the hell kind of rule is that?  I can’t walk back to my car with something I purchased from one of your vendors in the casino?  Am I smuggling something out?  Do you have some sort of theft problem you are taking out on the guests?  You run pretty much the worst casino I have ever been to, and coming from someone who has been to many (got married at the Flamingo for the record) you should take that to heart.  #NeverComingBack


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