El Carnicero Master Chef Throwdown!


Oxtail nachos with pickled golden beets and slaw

Well it wasn’t really a throwdown, it was more of a little party after my Master Chef tryout.  El Carnicero has one of the best party rooms on the west side, and Chef Eric Williams was very accommodating.  I handed off some Oxtail concoction I made for the Master Chef tryout, he turned it into some amazing nachos and paired it with an awesome fall cocktail.  A second offering was given in the form of a Clam and Chorizo served on top of an amazing corn cake in sweet corn broth.  Man was that good stuff.  That was paired up with a cocktail using a smooth smokey Illegal Mescal and local newcomers Old City Soda provided the wash.


barriga | adobo pork belly | chicharron + spinach taquitos

If that wasn’t enough food I ordered some of their amazing guacamole and the barriga | adobo pork belly | chicharron + spinach taquitos.  Whoever thinks pork belly is payed out needs to wrap their lips around a soft corn tortilla stuffed with this El Carnicero delight.  I still have yet to have a dish on the menu that I said, meh that was okay.  Everything on the menu is amazing pretty much because I pick off everyone’s plates.  Slow cooked succulent pork fat is where I usually lean toward on the menu.

That monkey drank shitty Tequila.

That monkey drank shitty Tequila.

El Carnicero continues to step up its game by carrying some unreal Tequila and Mescal options.  We are talking small batch craft bottles of wonderful.  If you think Patron is the shit, guess what?  There is a whole new world for you to discover at El Carnicero.  I felt I was back in Arizona because those freaks know how to throw down their tequila out west.  You don’t have to travel west to get some of the most premium spirits in North America.  They are all right here.  All this time I thought I was fighting because I drank too much Tequila but truth be told I was only fighting because I never knew how good Tequila could really be.  Smokey, earthy flavors, yum, so good!  If you are happy with a Margarita no problem there either they have mild to wild flavors.  These aren’t served from some broken down converted soft serve machine either.  These are handcrafted beauties made with fresh fruits and juices served on the rocks with your choice of rim garnish.

El Carnicero has an absolutely amazing brunch on the weekend.  Look at this menu!


11am-3pm • sat & sun





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