Travel Edition: Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport

hyatt-pittsburgh-airport_0If you are looking for a hotel in the middle of nothing and spending a layover in the Pittsburgh area, boy do I have the hotel for you.  Located in the middle of nowhere with no shopping, no restaurants for miles, the city over a half hour to an hour away, and an up charge for EVERY little thing; the Hyatt Regency at the Pittsburgh International Airport is pretty much the last place I will ever stay when I come back to Pittsburgh.

Check in was friendly, but they put me in a room with two double beds.  Why a hotel in this day and age even offers double rooms like this is beyond me.  I had the option to upgrade my room to a cramped king for $25 a night.

Upon entry to the hotel for people with cars, good luck parking.  If you come straight over from the airport terminal or parking lots you have a nice hike on your hands.  The only parking options were (a) inconvenient and far from the lobby (b) super far away from the lobby with no in out privileges and (c)  in front of the hotel with in and out privileges for an up charge of yet another $25 a night.  No valet is on premises.  No bell services were observed.

Once we hit our cramped accommodations we found out their was yet another up charge for internet.  Jesus Christ, even the Days Inn has free internet.  It was $9.95 per day, up to 6 devices.  What a bargain for something even McDonald’s offers for free.  My internet was comped because on check out I told them how absolutely useless it was.  I was logged off and on probably 20 times over the course of my 2 day stay.  So not only do they have the balls to charge for internet, the service they provide for that charge is horrible.  I can’t imagine business guests staying here.

On Sunday we went to explore the city leaving at 9:00am in the morning.  After a day of shopping, checking out the Warhol Museum and lunch we arrived back at about 4:00pm to our room.  Nothing was cleaned.  The maids not only missed our room, but as we left at 5:00pm for dinner they were just starting on our floor.  They forgot the entire 6th floor of the building is what I am guessing.

I called to complain about the room not being cleaned and the front desk tried to blame me for leaving the privacy tag on my door.  I certainly did not.  I actually hauled the majority of my electronic devices with me in my backpack because there wasn’t a safe in the room.  Number 1, don’t accuse me of something.  Get your shit together before you accuse me of anything.  Check to see what happened and call back.  Did I want my room cleaned now you ask?  No, we were out all day long.  I wanted to come back to a clean room with fresh linens and towels to take a shower to get ready for dinner.

The room itself was pretty small.  Some of the outlets didn’t work.  The shower faucet leaked, and when you pulled on the knob to turn on the shower it came away from the wall like it was attached to a rubber band.  The sink was extremely slow draining.  Their was hair on the shower wall and floor.  There were holes in the sheets.  The view was of departing planes and a parking lot.

My biggest gripe was the location of this hotel.  It is about 10 miles from the nearest shopping plaza (low rent mall, big box stores and IKEA), and at least 20 miles from the actual city.  If you are coming to see anything in the city or want to explore the city stay away from this hotel at all costs.  It is way too far from the city.  I like to explore, come back to the room to regroup, go out again.  Being 20 miles from the city forget about that if you are staying here.  The dining options in the hotel are stupid expensive.  The dining options in the area (10 mile radius) are 1 to 2 star options, bar food, fast food and chains.  This is a high rent hotel in a low rent budget area.

At check out they asked how my stay was.  I am pretty sure they were take aback when I didn’t say my hotel visit was awesome.  I said not the best.  They asked what was wrong and I told them.  They again accused me of leaving my privacy tag in the door, but said there were some internet issues the day before I came.  However they were fixed.  They reluctantly gave me back the $9.95 for both nights.  As far as the up charges on everything else, location and the lack of housekeeping I got not a thing, not even an apology on the later.

The price of the hotel I got deal at $75 a night.  $25 parking, $25 room upgrade, $9.95 internet per night my $75 room was $134.95 per night plus local taxes, and we can call it double the rate I actually signed up for.  So $150 for a small room, that wasn’t clean, with a view of nothing, with nonworking internet, no housekeeping and 20 miles from the city.  I should have stayed downtown.  You honestly couldn’t pay me to stay in this hotel ever again.  On social media they are quick to comment on your check in with a “let us know if there is anything we can do for you” sort of automated reply.  It’s automated.  Trust me.  That is all you will get in the way of customer service from the Hyatt.


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