AMP 150 Chefs Tasting is the best value in Cleveland

10395164_10152577458234927_7920228244192932923_nThere are certain constants in Cleveland for me when it comes to eating out.  I have some favorites I like to go back to and one of those is AMP 150 located at the Marriott on W. 150th.  Chef Jeffrey Jarrett runs this beast of a restaurant.  His farm to table concept is something else.  With fresh ingredients and a unique menu this is not your ordinary hotel eatery.

The main reason I like to come here is the amazing value on the tasting menu.  You can get a 4 course for $35 or a 6 course for $50.  Most of the items are completely off the menu choices from the talented kitchen staff.  Our first course was an added bonus.  It was a simple amuse bouche that you can find on the menu.  It was a flavorful Strawberry Watermelon Gazpacho with a hint of jalapeno.  Very late summery flavors here to wake up the taste buds.

The second course was a generous portion of fresh bass with citrus foam serving along with a roasted carrot puree, chanterelle mushrooms and baby onions.  The vegetables had a nice hint of rosemary that wasn’t too overpowering.  The bass was cooked to perfection with a nice crispy skin and a real nice smoke ring visible.  You either like smoke or you don’t and if you overdo it you feel like you are taking a shot of hickory to the throat.  While most of the fish was amazing I got one bite that I felt later that night.

10314616_10152577420439927_6555020778896690618_nThe third course was a simple Arugula salad, light dressing, with pistachio chimichurri.  Excellent peppery flavor to the arugula mixed with sweet grapes complimented with the tang of the chimichurri pistachios.  It’s never just a salad there, it’s lesson in flavors.

The forth course was a hammer of a meal.  It was like Cleveland on a plate.  Pork two ways.  Roast pork served on top a roasted vegetable succotash smothered in bacon gravy.  Ohio sweet corn grilled lightly with butter and brown sugar was served on the side quartered.  Then pork 2 was a split bratwurst from Gibbs served over top Cleveland Kraut’s spicy Gnar Gnar sauerkraut.  What is not to like about this dish?  Old school roast pork, amazing Ohio Sweet Corn and a local brat and kraut.

The final course was AMP’s famously decadent Milk Chocolate Pana Cotta; salted caramel, malted vanilla ice cream, toasted hazelnuts.  It is amazing.  There was also an Apple Pie a la mode that was just ok for me.  Too dense, and not enough crisp for me.

Here’s the deal though.  For the most part I was completely wowed by everything, and when I got the check (yes, I actually do pay for food) it was $70 for 2.  All that…$70 for two people.  While I understand some people like ordering from the menu a Chefs Tasting is a great way to sample fresh local ingredients like you may have never had them before.  It is also a great way to eat way too much food.  Honestly while it seems like a lot of food I didn’t leave wanting to kill myself from overeating.  Experience may vary because with the Chefs Choice option you are are the whim of the imagination of the Chef.


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