Nueske’s Bacon, more bacon than the pan can handle

bacon_hall_of_fame-nueskes1A whole bunch of Cleveland “foodies” have been losing their shit over bacon lately.  I decided I had to try some.  Nueske’s Bacon is one of the most sought after of the premium bacon out there.  I found a slab of the Wild Cherrywood Smoked Bacon at the Lake Road Market in Rocky River.  I love that little store.  They have some amazing products and their chicken salad is to die for.  If you want something unique Lake Road Market is the place you can find it.  It is a small but mighty little shop.  Anyhow back to the bacon.  It was $9.99 for a package.  On the bacon price scale that is pretty much the highest I would pay for this premium bacon.  I heard it is a life changing experience eating this fatty pork treat.  It was but a wallet changing experience for me.  I felt foolish spending ten bucks on a slab of bacon while I was buying it and after trying it I felt the same.

While others will call me absolutely insane I assure you I am the sane one.  This is the name brand of bacon.  It’s not like a hand crafted Italian pair of shoes here, it’s a slab of bacon, and it tastes like bacon.  Yes, there was a nice little smoke flavor to it but I can get the same experience buying a slab of Heinens premium thick cut bacon.  Bacon is simple, you fry it in the pan and eat it with some eggs or make a BLT.  I know bacon diehards will send me 100 different bacon recipes but I’ll stay a purest.  There was nothing about this bacon that made me think oh my God, I just died and went to pig heaven.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I am not saying all bacon is created equal.  The Oscar Meyer Sugardale and cheap cuts are still way different than a nice thick cut slab, but when it comes to premium bacon, save a couple bucks and go with Applegate or the aforementioned Heinens brand.

Victor-wagyu-beefIn the end I really did like this bacon.  I don’t want to do an injustice to the Nueske’s brand because it was very good.  It is just at the end of the day it is bacon.  Every once in a while you go astray based on people losing their shit over something and talking it up to the point where it will never live up to expectations.  It’s like the movie Pulp Fiction for me.  I never saw it until it came out on DVD and when I did it was much the same as I was with this bacon.  This bacon was so over hyped by “foodies” that it makes me think there is just a giant ruse going on somewhere brainwashing people into brand acceptance.  It’s like the Kobe beef thing, now being replaced by Wagyu beef.  When you grind it up into burger meat it still tastes like a hamburger at the end of the day.  So why the heck does it matter if I am eating a Wagyu burger or a regular one?  Prestige?  Look at me!  I’m paying $20 for a hamburger that I can get anywhere else for $5.00.  I would call that stupidity over prestige.  The same goes for this bacon.  It’s good bacon, but it’s not a life changing experience I couldn’t live with out.


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