Streat Burger and Bistro kicks up the classic burger

10473165_10152440414524927_177040459654241572_nStreat Burger has been on my radar forever.  Ever since they were rolling around the streats of Cleveland (see what I did there?) in their food truck I have wanted to check them out.  However they alluded me for the better part of a year now.  When they opened the brick and mortar joint I was told by many I have to check them out.  Every time I tried…they were closed.  Burgers were a lunch thing for me so when I would drive by in the day time alas, no burger.  They open at 4pm on the weekdays and I am pretty sure they open at 11am on the weekends, but for whatever reason I always seemed to miss them on the weekends, mostly because I was probably going to dinner elsewhere that night.  Tonight the streak ended.  I got to the place at 8:55pm, and they closed at 9:00pm.  I was that guy.  I hate being that guy but our server James assured me it was cool, as long as that open sign is lit up they were slinging burgers.  Despite the time on the clock , we were not rushed at all.  The menu was kind of a build your own sort of thing and we were educated and given time to create or burger masterpiece.

Everything on the menu sounded awesome and it truly was hard to choose.  I think I changed my mind 3 times before James took our order.  First I was certain the Farmhouse was the winner.  How can you go wrong with Maple Bacon, Fried Egg, New York White Cheddar, Marinated Tomato, Garlic Aioli and spring mix?  Then I saw the Brokeback; Cola Candied Bacon, Frizzled Onions, Candied Jalapenos, Craft Beer Cheese, Bourbon Barrel BBQ Sauce and Arugula.  Then I saw the Cuban Revolution; Honey Mustard Bacon, Drunken Onions, Gruyere, Fried Pickles, Sweet N Spicy Mustard, Habanero Aioli and Arugula.  I couldn’t say no to that.  My wife had the Cheesehead; Beer Battered New York White Cheddar, Bacon Gravy, Honey Mustard Bacon, Garlic Aioli.  For the side I had the hand cut truffle fries with white truffle oil, fresh herbs, Parmesan cheese and sea salt.  The wife had the Duck Fat fries.  Both options were pretty similar but overall delicious.

10446995_10152440414724927_2550570744803527011_nThe burgers are served with many choices.  The Streat Burger is Ohio farm raised beef.  The BBB (Burger Bacon Blend) is a house blend of Streat Burger and Fresh Ground Bacon (only served well done due to the bacon obviously).  You can even do a chicken burger, or a Veggie Burger.  The Veggie sounded interesting promising roasted vegetables, sauteed black beans pureed with quinoa and fresh herbs.  After that mind bender of a list of choices you need to pick a bun.  The buns come from Lakewood’s Breadsmith.  You can go classic white, whole wheat, or go open faced over a bed of seasonal greens or served on a Masa Waffle.  The waffle is a house made savory & sweet gluten free option.

See?  Tricky!  You need to think here what is going to rock your world the most.  I think it great they have those gluten free and carb conscious options.  When it was all said and done I went classic bun, Streat burger version of the Cuban Revolution and a Boylan Orange Soda.  It’s Sunday, didn’t want to try one of the 100+ different beers they have, but they have an amazing huge bottled beer selection.  I ordered it medium rare, and it came out perfect.  Amazing flavors in this thing.  The honey mustard bacon was sweet and salty, the fried pickles added a little bit of sour, the arugula added a nice little crunch and peppery flavor that went well with the cool habanero aioli.  The burger itself is comparable in size to Rail or B-Spot, but I think Streat is a little bigger.  The meat is flavorful and juicy.  Price point Streat is on par with the other guys, but I think they might just be better with their concoctions.  They have 13 burgers on the menu.  All of them sounded awesome.

10401440_10152440414304927_5823082788393443907_nStreat also serves house made signature salads, Mac N Cheese, Confit Wings, and has a solid little appetizer menu.  A burger and fries is going to fill you up enough but if you add in one of the apps you’re going to leave somewhere between very full and outright hating yourself, but in a good way.  Everything is made fresh to order and cooked to order from rare to well done (yuck, stop it).  Streat might not get the press of the other guys but they are pretty damn amazing.  I seriously would put them up there with the other big burger names in Cleveland.  If you are in the Lakewood area this is a great place to grab a sack of burgers to go or to dine in.


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