What the Luxe!

10402678_10152369086429927_7842943503106630604_nI have heard some great things about Luxe over in Gordon Square but never really had the opportunity to check them out.  Some of the stuff not so great but for the most part all the good stuff had put them on my radar.  Killer patio (Bow Wow Brunch every Sunday with special menu for dogs of all sizes), awesome vibe, excellent beer selection, fun craft cocktails, cool after diner spot with awesome DJ’s, but the food from what I was told has been hit or miss because of Chef changes etc.  I couldn’t tell you who is running the kitchen over there but what I can tell you is whoever told me the food was hit or miss was completely wrong.  The food was spot on amazing.

10352590_10152369071039927_1943478921729176058_nWe went on a Saturday for an early dinner, just me and the wife.  We were able to hit Hausfrau for a little pre-meal record shopping, parked over in one of the many lots that offer ample parking.  It was a warm spring night, sun was setting over our heads turning the sky an imperial violet that I think only Cleveland knows the joys of.  We sat in the window just off the door watching the people walk by on Detroit.  I started with an ice cold lavender infused lemonade and my wife had a porter.  The service was attentive and knowledgeable about everything on the menu.  We started with the Charcuterie for two.  Very nice selections, server gave us the lowdown on our offerings.  Everything was paired well on the board, the bread was a little questionable, not quite toasted, not quite fresh, a little stale.  It gave kind of the mouth feel of a slice that dreamed of growing up to be a crostini, but never fully developed.  It was fine overall though.

10171290_10152369089789927_3714401607771093914_nWe moved on next to a plate of delicious Poutine.  These crispy fresh cut fries were smothered in a rich beef gravy, covered with shredded cheddar, fresh scallions and sliced cherry peppers.  Imagine your best attempt at the most tender roast beef and gravy and you might truly begin to understand this little plate of heaven.  The best part came at the end when you were able to get a bite with some of that slow cooked tender beef.  The meat melts in your mouth with a little tiny kick of flavor from the peppers.


1513803_10152369105384927_4087619014995656171_nFor dinner I opted for the Shrimp and Grits and my wife selected the Mussels.  The mussels came out in a deep bowl, about a dozen with only one solider that didn’t open served atop a light pinot grigio lemon butter broth.  She was in heaven, I turned my nose.  Not because I didn’t like the dish, only because I have never been a mussel guy.  I take her word for it was delicious.  My Shrimp and Grits were amazing.  Not a dainty portion size at all.  My plate was loaded with a handful of jumbo shrimp, in a tomato sauce spiked with basil and mild Italian sausage served atop a generous portion of perfectly cooked and seasoned grits.  It was an absolute delight and the only thing that stopped me from licking the plate was the fact I was in public.

To cap off the evening we shared an order of the beignets.  These sweet melt in your mouth little beauties were making my mouth feel like I was on Bourbon Street.  Fried to perfection, dusted with a little powered sugar and served with a berry compote, salted caramel and a chocolate dipping sauce it was a perfect ending to an amazing meal.  Luxe proved it was worth the visit, and should be on your radar if you are heading down to Gordon Square.  It is the perfect date night kind of place with great food an a really laid back chill atmosphere.  Check them out for dinner before a movie or maybe catch a late bite to eat and enjoy the smooth soul sounds from their resident DJ’s.  I have got to get back for brunch because I hear it is absolutely killer.  Hats is off to the unknown Chef and the stellar service through the meal.  It definitely was a great experience.


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