There’s no need to fear…Anna In the Raw is Here!

10462892_257677507771303_3471885005218830769_nLocal vegan, raw food Chef and Cleveland’s premiere Juicer extraordinaire Anna Harouvis is just coming down off an amazing sold out vegan and raw inspired Greek dinner at the prestigious Culinary Vegetable Institute.  Anna will host a viewing party at Cleveland’s one and only Underdog in the Gordon Square District located in the basement of the world famous Happy Dog Sunday.  Anna recently filmed an episode of the Food Network hit show Guy’s Grocery Games that will be airing on Sunday night.  While she can’t give away any spoilers Anna said she had a blast and was honored to be asked to be a competitor on the show.  Anna told me “It was such a surreal experience, and I am so happy I had the opportunity.  It’s such a different world filming something like this.  The cameras are seriously right on top of you.  There is such an amazing amount of pressure, but it was so much fun.”   She couldn’t say enough good things about the Food Network and Guy, and I can’t say enough great things about her.  Anna, who has been on the scene in Cleveland for years is finally coming into her own and making a name for herself in the local culinary scene.  Her juice cleanses are all the rage in Cleveland, and she is thisclose to opening a new brick and mortar shop focusing on grab and go options for the health conscious in a city built on meat and potatoes.  Come cheer on Anna this Sunday at the Underdog!


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