Project Sushi: I was hooked

10310548_10152377301664927_7304585819441190150_nBecause when I think about amazing sushi rolls I immediately think of the seafaring capitol of the world Medina!  What????? Medina?  Seriously?  Yes for real.  Project Sushi is offering some amazing sushi in a strip mall just a short drive off 71.  Born from the ashes of Sushi On a Roll owner Jon Roller is bringing his concept of fresh food done right 7 days a week at Project Sushi.

Jon shares his vision and concept with everyone that will listen.  He loves to tell his story.  “It all started with the bagel lady.  The bagel lady would come in every Tuesday at 10 a.m. to our corporate cafeteria and sell bagels to the 300 or so people who worked in our office.  Tuesdays were awesome.  We also happened to love getting sushi for lunch.  Problem was our favorite sushi place was too far from the office to make it a regular lunch option.  One day we thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sushi lady who would bring fresh made sushi to our office cafeteria at lunchtime?’  And an idea was born.  Today, we have shed our office jobs and now provide high quality, healthy and fresh made sushi to companies, schools and private events everywhere, along with our Project Sushi restaurant that is open to everyone.  Our promise to our customers is that the experience will be fun, fast and friendly every time.  We have dozens of sushi options to choose from or just tell us what you would like and we can make just about anything.  Fresh salads, rice bowls and noodle bowls round out the offerings.  We hope that our restaurant will be a gathering place for family and friends to get together, hang out, enjoy some great food in a fun and casual atmosphere.”

10363620_10152377301544927_4808057149600626866_nThe layout of the place is awesome.  Select your roll from the expansive menu, order and pay at the counter and the sushi is made fresh for you.  Grab a soda or beer and hang out on the comfy couch in the window or take a seat at one of the tables.  In minutes your order is ready to enjoy.  The place itself is loaded with surfboards, and photos that take you right to the Pacific wishing you could catch a gnarly wave.  The music takes you to a campfire somewhere on the beach.  It certainly makes you forget you are in a strip mall miles from the beach.  Jon says “The ocean lifestyle is also one of our passions.  We feel a strong connection to the ocean, tides, wildlife and waves.  Despite being currently landlocked in Cleveland, we dream of waves every day, and we travel to them when we can.  The images and artwork adorning our restaurant remind us of our love for the ocean and all it has to offer, including many of the items on our menu.”

So here we sat for a good hour on a sunny day in Cleveland soaking up the vibe of this totally tubular sushi joint.  Myself, my wife, and a couple friends sampled many of the offerings.  All were amazing.  As far as price point goes you truly get a lot of value here.  The rolls are huge, fresh, and flavorful.  We enjoyed the following:

The Roller | yellowtail/fresh salmon/avocado/cucumber/jalapeno/fish roe

Dave’s Fave | yellowtail/avocado/jalapeno/spicy sauce

Shrimp Tempura | tempura battered shrimp/cucumber/avocado/sushi sauce

Rainbow | california topped with tuna,fresh salmon and yellowtail

South End | tuna/spicy crab/fried scallion/jalapeno/spicy sauce

Volcano | spicy crawfish on top of California

10300645_10152377301334927_7278534390089239157_nWe also tried a couple of Cory’s Choice; Chef’s choice one off creations that really showcased the talents of the kitchen.  One was a sweet potato desert sushi that ate like and amazing fresh doughnut.  All the rolls were spectacular, and if you like the hot stuff the Volcano will not disappoint.  I seriously can’t say enough great things about this sushi joint in Medina.  I always think Medina is akin to driving to Columbus but it seriously is maybe a half hour off 71 if you are coming up from Cleveland.  Regardless of location it is worth the trip to check out Project Sushi.  I went in a little suspect but left a huge fan and can’t wait to go back to try more rolls.  Jon Roller is beyond passionate about his restaurant and this place will make you leave thinking you just stepped off the beach.  Fresh ingredients, amazing flavor combinations, variety, price and ambiance I would call this place ★★★★★ all day long.



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