Anna In The Raw Teams Up With…Me (for Men’s Health Month in June)

1011257_207411186131269_949153609_nI lost a dear friend to cancer in 2012.  One of the best guys in the world, and when I told Anna Harouvis I was interested in coming up with my own juice for National Men’s Health Month in June she was in without hesitation.  Men’s Health Month isn’t just about cancer of course but also to raise awareness to what men need to look out for to support a healthy lifestyle.  It is absolutely about early detection for various cancers, but it is also about kicking some bad habits and picking up some new good ones.

One of the freshest and most healthy ways I have found to recharge is through juicing.  The benefits are amazing.  The results are clearly visible and a juicing regimen, thanks to Chef Anna, is just a phone call away.  There are others popping up out of the woodwork but the Cleveland original (used by many local athletes, Chefs, and media personalities) is Anna in the Raw.   Anna is not going to tell you any of this, but I will.  She holds her clients personal info extremely personal and confidential, and I truly respect that.  At the same time if these folks are rocking her juice plan it gives me that little extra sign off that says “this stuff is the real deal”.

I was able to sample our collaborative effort today along with a bowl of her homemade potato soup for lunch this afternoon at her unassuming downtown location where she sells healthy delights to her cult following.  If you are downtown and haven’t popped in to see her at Good To Go located in the IMG building on the corner of  East 9th and St Clair you are missing out.  Quite simply Good To Go could be one of the most hidden gems in Cleveland.  For those who know better, you know what I am talking about; healthy foods, raw and vegan options, large portions and the freshest juice in town.

So Men’s Heath Month is right around the corner and our new juice blend is going to be available for the month of June with 10% of the proceeds benefiting Hospice of the Western Reserve.  Let me tell you it tastes amazing.  It is designed for men, but the ladies can enjoy it too.  I decided to name it The Red Dragon because of it’s deep red color, and the bite of cayenne pepper.  I also decided to name it The Red Dragon after one of the best “worst” movies ever…Made.  Such an underrated piece of art starring Vince Vaughn, Puff Daddy and Jon Favreau.

1545762_620426398019369_332353993_nSo be on the lookout in June for this amazing elixir crafted by the only name to know in Cleveland juice Anna In the Raw.  The Red Dragon is natures Viagra, full of antioxidants, and a fat burner.  It’s not too sweet and also boasts anti-inflammatory properties which makes it ideal as a pre or post workout fuel.  I’m not going to give away the ingredient list until we launch it in June, but man this stuff is not only tasty but it truly is the first juice in the area with men’s health in mind.  So tip your juice glass and say cheers to the amazing Anna in the Raw.  In the meantime make sure to check out Anna May 31st at the Culinary Vegetable Institute for a vegan feast.  Tickets are on sale but going fast at


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