Christopher Wild on vinyl

1511093_10152260930999927_64332540_nI have a soft spot for Christopher Wild.  He played my backyard party a few years back.  Here’s this kid fresh out of high school, could have still been in high school as a matter of fact completely tearing up my backyard with him and his buddy on drums.  He was a student of one of my longtime pals from Amherst and that buddy conned me into having some live rock and roll music that night.  Wild completely impressed everyone back then with his amazing guitar skills.  Fast forward a few years and that same kid, who had the cops called and impressive 4 times that night for noise, puts out this incredible record that is absolutely amazing.

I always hate comparing an unknown artist to other bands but this kid takes the best of the Black Keys, The White Stripes and Black Sabbath and melds them together into a very hard edged album that is full of riffs and soul.  This is a rock and roll record plain and simple.  There are some more poppy cuts that remind me of Elephant era White Stripes, but for the most part this record is a nonstop assault of dirty blues based hard indie rock.  It is out now at some local record shops in Cleveland including My Mind’s Eye.  You wont be disappointed by this one.


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