Ticketmaster Strikes Again: The great ticket scam (Rick Springfield version)

RickSpringfield_500x500Back on January 24th Rick Springfield tickets went on sale, actually Rick Springfield tickets went on “presale” with a special promo code for us lucky fans.  I scored some decent seats, Row K, Section 3.  I was fine with that.  K takes me to the 11th row.  My wife has recently gotten back into Rick Springfield, me too to an extent, after watching his documentary “An Affair of the Heart” and reading his autobiography “Late Late At Night” .  He seems to be a great performer and we were looking forward to seeing him live one of these days.  When the Hard Rock Northfield Park Rocksino announced the tour dates we knew we had to get tickets.  Who can resist hearing Jessie’s Girl and his string of 80’s hits?  It was a no brainer to get tickets.  Even better yet the local radio station was giving out the presale password to jump the line.  So, at 10:00am back in late January I logged on and picked up a pair of tickets t the show.

I went on the Ticketmaster site today because I wanted to gauge how ticket sales were.  To do this I usually pick the maximum amount of tickets and see where it puts me.  If I get the message “no tickets could be found message” I know it is going to be packed.  Then I try for two seats and see where that puts me.  Today I plugged in my mathematical equations and both searches got me tickets in Row G Section 3.  That is 4 rows in front of my super special presale tickets.  You know, the ones for the fans.  Ticketmaster strikes again folks.  I think we know Ticketmaster plays dirty pool and it makes the artist look like an asshole.  My question is, during the super secret presale for the fans, where were those tickets in Row G Section 3?  They are empty now, 8 of them at least, probably more.  My guess is the scalpers got their fill and Ticketmaster released them for general purchase.  I was part of the presale.  I should have those better seats, should I not?   Ticketmaster, Livenation, Rocksino shame on you and your tactics.  Someone needs to shut down this monopoly so people who want good seats can get them.


2 thoughts on “Ticketmaster Strikes Again: The great ticket scam (Rick Springfield version)

  1. Not defending Ticketmaster, but two things. In general, if there’s a presale, it’s not like they open up the entire venue. There are blocks of tickets that get released for that…especially if there are multiple presales. As far as going in today and finding row G seats, those could be tickets that were set aside for the band (or other VIP type requests) that they decided not to use, so they get released to the public. That happens often. It’s not necessarily scalper related. Years ago when Def Leppard played the Q, I went in the day before the show and scored 3rd row center seats.

    • Completely understand your point, however there is nothing random or fair about Ticketmaster policies. It is geared towards scalpers, and elite clients who scoop up the premium seats before the general public. Their entire system is meant to screw fans. Never mind the outrageous fees they charge to see a show. Last I checked printing a ticket and postage wasn’t more than a couple bucks.

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