North Olmsted gets hit by the rail

601204_10152014165449927_1774282688_n 1463610_10152014168064927_934643904_nThey just opened Monday, but my first recon mission was a big success.  I always give a couple shots for a new business, but it all honesty they hit high on all my marks.  Service, quality and price point were all pretty stellar.  I just want to go back for more.  The Rail in North Olmsted is located right where the new Regal Movie Theater is set to open at Great Northern Mall.  Try it for yourself and come back for my full review this weekend.


3 thoughts on “North Olmsted gets hit by the rail

  1. I went there last night and the food is great! The bartenders were excellent as well. I did think it was a tad on the expensive side…my wife and I each had a burger and fries/chips and 2 beers each for about $50. Not outrageous and won’t stop us from going back by any means.

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