Scoliosis Jones Cleveland Fine Art

fed2dab49f1777d0ed2fc9efa9abd2adWhen I originally started doing this blog one of the first shows I got to check out was a 3-piece + 1 called Scoliosis Jones.  They had just started kicking around the Cleveland area with their brand of Rockabilly madness.   They were great then and they have emerged as one of the premiere bands in the genre packing local clubs and opening for some big national acts.

They put on an entertaining show not just based on the talent but based on the between song banter that goes on through the show.  It makes for a bit of comic relief during a serious sensory overload of hardcore rock and roll.  This is the first time I got to check them out with new drummer Hans Swizzlestix Jones and holy crap is that guy good.  Ty Jones, sounds as good as ever on that stand up cello, actually it’s a bass, not a cello, and his vocals have gotten a little stronger.    I think the cat doing sound actually had him mic’ed up really well though too.  Hi D Su Jones offers up her best Janis Martin and adds a nice bit of testosterone break on a handful of songs during the 45 minute set.

You throw in Uncle Leroy into the mix, and Leroy deserves his own paragraph.  Leroy Jones is one of the most fast fingered, twang-a-licious guitar players you are going to hear live.  The guy might look like something out of a VFW Hall in El Paso, but once he straps on that guitar it’s a nonstop blur of picking and strumming.  If you like a guitar player with 70 effects pedals this is not your guy.  I think he might have one, and it probably only makes his guitar louder.  He is loud.  You don’t need a mic for this guy.  He is fast and furious.  If Slayer would switch over to Rockabilly he would be asked to join the group.  Plus he is hilarious between songs usually.  He will hackle the crowd, heckle his own bandmates and self deprecatingly heckle himself.

They played at the 5 O’clock Lounge over in Lakewood last night giving their talents to a Coats for Kids drive held by the Rust Belt Honeys.  There was a little burlesque show before the set and it was entertaining.  I had never seen one before, but these gals really held the boys captive with their charm.  The music between sets was excellent and kept it on the retro tip.  I think he calls himself Creepenator Creepo, I just call him Dave and he does an 80’s night at the 5 monthly.  Yes, no one in this entire event uses a real name and it makes me feel like I am writing for the fantasyland gazette which annoys me.


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