Sangria Y Tapas weird…

1459093_548828358544149_316703868_nI took a flyer today and went to check out the new Sangria Y Tapas in Westlake.  Call me completely confused on this one because this is the old Cleats…which used to be the old Dominics, and it was something else in between that.  I forget what they called it.  All of those places were pretty chill, very inexpensive places to dine.  Sangria Y Tapas is very upscale.  It is white tablecloth upscale.  I had no idea that it would have been this upscale so I was kind of shocked when we walked in and were seated.  I kind of felt uncomfortable, underdressed and out of place.  I wasn’t expecting it to be much more than maybe a mid priced Mexican joint.

The place looks pretty great, they did a nice job on the remodel, but it’s pretty much the same with a couple interior design changes and the white linens.  The service was really great, very fancy, guys in jackets, girls in button down whites and black slacks.  The wine menu is pretty decent, and the food menu had a ton of options.  For the most part all the small plates are anywhere between $8 to $16 and the entrees are $20-$30 range.  Once I looked at the menu and checked my surroundings I kind of wanted to leave.  As I said I didn’t expect it.  It hit me out of nowhere and their social media presence is nonexistent so we had no idea what we were walking into.

We had a couple different options all around $8 or so.  We tried the cheese and fruit plate.  Nothing too amazing here, and no education on what different cheeses they were.  We also tried the ceviche, it was shrimp and grouper but I really didn’t see or taste any shrimp and the flavor was masked with very pungent red onions.  There wasn’t much of a citrus flavor to it either.  The other dish we tried was a fish taco dish and that kind of tasted like the ceviche but warm in a soft corn tortilla.  They do serve a nice basket of grilled bread along with meals.

I honestly don’t know if I would go back here because of the shock of what it is, and where it is.  The tapas menu is huge.  There is a two column page of cold options and a page of hot options two columns as well.  The entrees seem very limited to about 8 or so.  The menu seems to favor seafood, but has a little bit of everything.  They just opened so I wish them well but you are looking at walking out of here over $100 on a date night.  While service was friendly and the food was okay this place is a little too rich for my blood.  I just don’t see this kind of ritz working in this location.  I do fine dinning, and I have been to many amazing restaurants but this almost seemed over the top to me.  I like something a bit more casual.  I don’t expect the place to be Chi-Chi’s but it’s just a little too much.


4 thoughts on “Sangria Y Tapas weird…

  1. you seem to ignore that Sangria is a spanish type of place. It’s not mexican. Don’t be ignorant and don’t compare this place with a mexican joint/Chi-Chi’s. If the place is bad, it’s bad and I respect your opinion but it is not supposed to be mexican

  2. Not an expert but I would think Tapas would be enjoyable with a group of people ordering many small items so people can share a sangria and many types of food. Or at least have someone help you order like a sushi rookie .

  3. I agree with everything that has been said here. I don’t think anything was bad. I think what we tried was pretty good, but the lack of education was a huge issue. You don’t just serve a cheese plate without telling what cheese is what, and the lack of internet presence is alarming. How is anyone supposed to know we are celebrating the food of Spain when so little is out there about the restaurant? I would love to see this place succeed, and I am sure the word will get out this is a great place to eat.

  4. Sir, NOTHING SHOULD EVER BE CHI-CHI’s. Big retail “Mexican” restaurants and “Tex” Mex restaurants from the big chains have been extremely detrimental to the American understanding of the what the true cuisine of these various geographies is, how it should be prepared and what one should expect in terms of quality in the execution of these dishes. The fact that you brought up Mexican proves that this is an uninformed review. Tapas originated in Spain in Andalusian sherry bars and have NEVER been a Mexican concept. Spanish and Mexican cuisine are worlds apart. I am an avid cook who loves Spanish cuisine, especially Paella Valenciana. Having eaten at many tapas restaurants in the US as well as Spain, this is hands down the best Spanish restaurant in Cleveland. Mallorca is great for tourists but the food is over salted and the paella is terrible. This restaurant is amazing and deserves more press. The ceviche is lightly marinated as it should be. The vast majority of restaurants in the US oversalt and overseason and it is my opinion that the typical American palette has obviously become accustomed to overseasoning, and oversalting as a baseline. Citrus is very powerful and the fish is not supposed to be drowned in it as it destroys the natural flavor of the fish. Ceviche is not supposed to taste like fish soaked in orange juice, the purpose of the citrus is to cook this fish without using heat. There are also a millions different variants of how it is prepared. The octopus (“pulpo”) here is the best in town and rivals the best tapas I’ve had in NYC, Boston and San Diego. Before cutting the legs out from under a great addition to the neighborhood (I grew up in Westlake), I would ask that you do more research on Spanish cooking. I give this restaurant a 9 for quality of service, quality of execution and atmosphere. I cannot give it a 10 because the ingredients are only as fresh as the logistics of food ordering in Westlake, OH will allow. Sorry to see the old dominick’s go, but it is this reader’s opinion that this is an extremely welcome and VIABLE alternative to a freaking sports bar (read Cleats). We’ve got enough of those in Cleveland to last a lifetime.

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