Oh the Horror! MISFITS A Blast From Punk Past


Jerry Only points the finger at me.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of seeing the Misfits for the first time.  I had always been a minor fan, mostly the Danzig era stuff, but Jerry Only has been rocking out this brand for like 30 plus years now.  I was also a fan of his work with punk super group Osaka Popstar, kind of a greatest hits of punk thing meets Japanese anime.


The Attack

The show started at 7ish, so I think we got there around 8 and thought it would be an early show.  I thought the Misfits had to be back in their coffins by midnight or something.  Oh wait, that’s right.  This was a Peabody’s show at the Agora so that meant only one thing.  Like 10 other bands playing on the bill.  Peabody’s won’t put that on the flyer though.  They just like to spring it on you when you get in the door that you are going to have to hear like 10 other bands before the headliners.  The flyer and all advertisements said The Misfits with The Attack (a great throwback hardcore band from Florida).  However with the bonus of being a Peabody’s show you got to see a bunch of bands you didn’t know about for like 3 hours.


Jerry Only rocks out

I will say this, I saw two great bands on the bill.  They were both playing in the tavern.  Viper, was this kind of alt-metal band from Mansfield that had an amazing singer.  The dude seriously had a voice on him.  It’s hard to describe the sound but they were absolutely metal.  I’m not a huge metal guy so I can’t give you a “they sounded like this band”, but I can tell you I would totally go see these guys again.  It just reminded me of that old Guns and Roses and Motley Crue dirty Hollywood sound.  The other band worth a shit on this craptastic line up was a punk outfit from Lorain called Consume Everything.  Really great singer and funky ska grooves going on here with some hardcore licks.  Again, totally another band I would go see again.  I am not sure why exactly they were playing the tavern though but they kind of lucked out based on the fact the sound was so poor in the theater.

DSC_0169Because there wasn’t a truthful flyer around to give all the names of the bands and due to the fact I was bouncing between the tavern and theater, I never caught many of the bands names.  The sound in the theater was horrific for the local openers.  I mean, it was terrible.  Quite possibly the sound guy was tone deaf, I don’t know.  Once The Attack took the stage the sound was perfect though.  Not sure why exactly the locals got that shit treatment but whatever.  It was an absolute shame for locals Atomic Grave and Bloodsuckers Anonymous and all the others that filled the stage as the openers.  The mix was just really really bad.  The guitars were up way too high, the vocals too low and the bass almost nonexistent.  I am betting money these locals can put on a hell of a show under the right circumstances.  For whatever reason the good sound guy was in the tavern apparently.  Atomic Grave had a killer trash metal thing going on, I’m on the fence on Bloodsuckers, not sure what they were supposed to be, just wasn’t my thing.


Mansfield’s Viper

At I think like 10:30 or 11:00 The Attack took the stage.  I felt bad for them in a way because they knew exactly what the entire crowd had to endure for the previous 3 or 4 hours.  It’s kind of hard to get a crowd pumped after that long of absolute shit.  However they were great and they did get the crowd going.  They were a four piece from Florida with a really great 80’s hardcore sound.  I am talking 7 Seconds and west coast punk sound, not like Green Day.  Like old school, music with a message hardcore.  I am not sure how long these guys have been at it but they aren’t kids.  They were just an well polished punk rock bad that had some great songs.  It is a shame they had to endure 702 bands before they got to the stage because the crowd should have been more into them.  They ended up doing about a 40 minute set or so and after a short intermission The Misfits took to the stage.

DSC_0170The Misfits, have been touring the same ghoul-tastic show for years now for their fiends.  In their 50’s, they have an absolute arsenal of hits, they however don’t have the stamina to be jumping around and going crazy on stage.  They kind of just stood there and played.  I don’t need a lot to keep me entertained at all.  I didn’t mind the fact that they were statues the entire set.  Jerry Only got up toward the front a couple of times I guess, but for the most part they didn’t move much.  They had a killer light show, and ghoulish stage set.  That was cool, and their song choices were rapid fire hit after hit.  The sound was pretty good too.  I was expecting them to sound, well, old.  I have seen many a touring act that might be a little past their prime and some have been just outright Geritol rock.  You know, slowed down, muddy, straining vocals.  The Misfits still have it folks.  They had a ton of people at the show too, that actually stayed through all the bullshit that is a Peabody’s show.  The fiends, love these guys, and the crowd was pretty diverse.  There were kids with their parents there, maybe even their grandparents for all I know.  I am old too, and I really liked the show they put on.  They were never really a huge favorite of mine growing up but it was something for the concert bucket list.  I’ll still proudly rock out my Misfits skull shirt based on the knowledge that these guys still have the chops to continue on.


One thought on “Oh the Horror! MISFITS A Blast From Punk Past

  1. Then you didn’t bother to come into the ballroom, to see the well mixed bands. Also, your assertion, that all but 2 sucked, shows just how limited your scope of rationality happens to be. If you’ve known how Peabody’s does show bills, why even bitch about it? But contrary to YOUR OPINION, there were several excellent groups playing that night, and judging by the reactions of the crowd, you obviously must’ve had ear plugs in. But hey, thanks for trashing all of us, as it is your 1st amendment right to do so.

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